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Motivational coaching to INSPIRE

To raise the bar and make personal training what it should be in Exeter.
To teach clients foundations and the basics, so they can move better and live better.


To teach clients how to train better, so they can attain their goals safely, effectively and efficiently.

To go above and beyond for the client because they deserve it.
that's what personal training should be about.


THE EDGE Strength + Conditioning brings good sense and simplicity to a health and fitness market that is Overloaded with drivel and nonsense.

We are not your average ‘meat head’ trainers. Our professional backgrounds allow us to maintain close working relationships with some the best General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Sports Physicians.

THE EDGE Strength + Conditioning combines fundamental principles of human movement, nutrition and recovery into one comprehensive program. The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

We do the basics right. We blend experience and science to develop lean, strong healthy body. We never sacrifice health in pursuit of performance or appearance. We train to live stronger for longer. We train for life.

No hype, No egos No showboating and no fluff.

Our programs are as simple as they need to be, but no simpler. Simple does not necessarily mean easy.

At THE EDGE Strength + Conditioning we teach those who are willing to learn.  Our objective is to equip you with the skills and knowledge to be a self sufficient custodian of your own health. For Life.

THE EDGE Strength + Conditioning is a members only facility.

We have a huge gym floor where members are afforded the luxury of space to move freely and privately.

I highly recommend The EDGE Strength and conditioning for anyone looking to get into barbell training.  

I went in knowing very little and left feeling confident in being able to do the

lifts safely and competently.  

Jason is a great coach and explained everything clearly, along with goals and nutrition.

Craig, B


Having spoken to a number of different personal trainers, I chose Jason as my trainer because he seemed very professional.

He didn't let me down. Jason was always reliable, enthusiastic and well-prepared for our sessions.

With his help and advice, I achieved my fitness and weight targets within weeks.

Amy, W


The Best Strength and Conditioning Coach in Exeter, Devon
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