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Working with a qualified professional within the confines of a structured program is the fastest route to achieving your health & fitness goals. 

As a Client form and technique is constantly monitored and evaluated. So you will be guided through each workout to ensure that you are performing exercises safely and progressing at a rate appropriate for your age and level of training advancement.

We DO NOT use generic training programme found in magazines or used by other personal trainers that is “one-size-fits-all” approach that has failed many people who tried personal training. And we wondered why so many people drop out from the gym and personal training.
The truth is there Is NO One-Size-Fits-All Approach To Fat Loss & Fitness.

All personal training clients are evaluated and placed on a customised strength and conditioning program in alignment with your individual goals, your current state of physical conditioning, and your availability. 
Our standard program is a twice weekly commitment and sessions are generally an hour.
Every client is placed on an individualised program based on their needs, goals, abilities, and level of experience.


Workout by workout we will progress you through your training program (and at times push you) at a pace suitable for you.
We will make sure you are making consistent and steady progress week by week, month by month.

Also, We may also assign you “homework” to do outside of your scheduled training sessions.

The best Personal Trainer in Exeter

A Small List of My

Qualifications and CREDENTIALS


  • Premier Personal Training Diploma in Personal Training Level 3

  • Advanced Fitness Instructor (Reps) Level 3

  • Diploma in Diet and Nutrition (Reps) Level 3

  • Strength and Conditioning Coach (1st4sport) Level 3/4

  • Brendan Chaplins Strength and Conditioning Mentorship Program

  • KBT Accredited Weightlifting (1st4sport) Level 1

  • CSIA Ski Instructor (Canadian Ski Instructor Association) Level 3

  • ASSI Ski Instructor (Artificial Ski Slope Instructor) Level 1

  • Functional Movement Systems practitioner (FMS)

  • Advanced Kettlebell Instructor (IKFF) Level 1

  • Kettlebell Instructor – (KBT-Reps) Level 3

A word from the owner
Having competed within many sports from a young age, Jason Depaoli has an exceptional foundation within the Sports & Fitness industry.

These have included Skiing, Snowboarding, surfing, tennis, and basketball, however it was Skiing where Jason found his true passion. Honing his skill and competing at many levels which eventually lead to becoming a 'A Professional Ski Instructor'

Even to train (only for 4 days at the Canadian Olympic ski camp)..

It was this passion for Skiing and Action sports, that ultimately lead Jason to pursue a career within the fitness industry.

A qualified personal trainer Jason has attained a Level 3 GNVQ Personal Trainer, Nutrition and Weight Management, Core Training and Nutrition for Sports and Exercise with Premier Global.

Jason believes in always looking to improve his knowledge and has taken it to a much higher level as  to expand  to be a Qualified Strength and Coaching Coach level 4, Weightlifting coach with 1st for sport.
Plus extra additional Qualifications such as FMS certified practitioner and certified IKFF kettlebell instructor.

Since beginning as a Personal Fitness Instructor Jason has helped people from many different backgrounds reach their goals.

Whether it be meeting that new PB on the track or in the Gym,

or just finally maintaining the lifestyle change you so often promise yourself.

The Best Strength and Conditioning Coach in Exeter, Devon
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