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You got to Lay Your Foundations down First

I often get asked about supplements and different training strategies which is cool but, often these questions are from women who are yet to build a solid foundation of nutritional habits (They have mostly been doing fad starvation diets from pyramids schemes) and are yet to consistently follow a well integrated strength training program.

Here are a few things you should focus on first.


1. Get Strong - I don’t mean endless cable kick backs and banded glute walks. Focus on getting strong on a variety of compound lifts across the 6-15 rep range with impeccable form, and your physique will change for the better.


2. Eat Real Food - when it comes to fat loss the truth is calories are king. However, the quality of your food will dictate how you feel and ultimately help drive better performance in the gym. Get in a variety of colours from fruits, grains and vegetables combined with a selection of meat and fish. If you still have calories left over you can then you look to add in some of your favourite snacks.


3. Stress Management - when it comes to training more is not always better. I find females are more likely to overdo it compared to their male counterparts. While it’s true females can handle a higher amount of volume, combined with the high stress that comes with running a business or a high workload, it may become too much. Try reducing the number of weekly sessions in favour of fewer quality workouts. Instead do more things that help manage stress; practice guided meditation or deep breathing, yoga or walks outdoors.


You gotta Nail these foundations first and then look to optimise the smaller things. First optimise lifestyle, training and nutrition, only once you’ve nailed this should you consider the smaller details such as supplements and advanced training protocols.

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