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Get Strong! Stop Training For Fat Loss…

Pretty well everyone (especially women) starts in a gym and begins some sort of exercise program with the goal of losing weight. 

Bottom line that Everyone wants to look good naked.

Well does this sound like you? I propose a new way to approach an exercise program. 

And, yes, I think it is even better. Women need to change the focus from "working to lose fat" to "getting strong." 

I know this seems odd, but stick with me and allow me to explain.

How motivated can you be to workout when all you ever think is "I need to lose fat?" 

All you're concerned about when you're at the gym is how many calories you're burning and how long it will take for your body to look better.

Training primarily for fat loss is motivated by a lack of self-confidence. That is a negative motivation driving your goal.

Training primarily for strength is motivated by a more positive attitude. If you go to the gym with the intention of improving your performance from your last workout, the aesthetic results you desire will be a result of your primary objective! 

By constantly forcing your body to improve, it has no other option but to change!

I know about all of this from experience. I used to only train my clients when I started Coaching for the purpose of losing fat and staying in shape Because that is what I was taught and in the last 5 years that’s all you see on social media. 

But when I Educated myself more and working with more and more clients I changed my focus to increasing Peoples strength, They were more motivated and still got awesome results! 

Their body got leaner and did not get big and bulky.

Don't think that when I encourage people to train for strength that you're going to get big, bulky muscles just from the thought of lifting something heavier than a soup can. 

Testosterone is the main hormone responsible for muscle growth, and women simply don't have enough of it for that to be a problem.

Most men struggle to gain muscle anyways. (and then start taking PED's to fake it)

So why in the world are you worried about it? Just don’t be

I mainly coach my clients for strength training, and very little cardio. It works - but the process can take more time, but it’s worth it..

Don’t chase the quick fixes and the 28 day burn fat challenge or even the 12 week transformations, as they don’t always work..

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