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Kickstart your fitness for the ski season
Fit 2 Ski | Get strong for Skiing
Kickstart your fitness for the ski season
Free ebook for Skiing

I Also do offer a more in depth Online Programming that delves more deeply in to strength and conditioning.

Here are some Benefits of exercising before skiing...

   1. Leg Strength: Skiing is all about the legs. The stronger your legs, the more fun you'll have skiing. Period.

   2. Stamina: Want to get your money's worth? If your body gets tired after a couple hours of skiing, you're throwing your money out the window! Even doing some simple skiing exercises 2 weeks before you go can double the amount of time you'll last out there.

   3. Agility: Being agile means you'll be able to do the tougher slopes/moguls and avoid the trees (and other skiers)!

   4. Balance: You don't want to fall flat on your face do you? Skiing exercises can boost your balance, meaning your risk of falling will drop a bunch!

   5. Coordination: Developing your coordination will keep you from getting hurt AND make you look amazing compared to the other skiers on the mountain!

My Online programs will help you with your skiing?  
And THAT will make you a better skier.
Remember these programs are created by a Strength and Conditioning Coach who is also a ski instructor.

It's built for skiers.

Please Email if you wish a copy of this ebook

Winter is just around the corner!
Are you “slope ready?”  Hit the slopes in shape for skiing.
Avoid the first few weeks of suffering through quad burn, fatigue, and potential injury.

So I am delighted to be able offer a range of Ski Fitness programs to suit your need.
First of is a Kick-Start your Ski and Snowboarding Fitness Program
A 4 week all bodyweight program that  is packed with lots of info and will prepare you for the piste.

This Kickstart ski training program will:
   •    improve your mobility
   •    increase your strength
   •    increase your stamina
   •    reduce muscle imbalances


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